Experienced Liberal At All Levels

 Tyler has served the Liberal Party for over 25 years. His experience has included:

  • Current President of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)
  • Member of the Liberal Party of Canada National Board
  • Member of the Ontario Campaign Team for the 2015 Federal Election
  • Former Executive Vice President for the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)
  • Member of Justin Trudeau’s Ontario Campaign Team during the 2013 Liberal Leadership race
  • Produced the first-ever EDA Executive Handbook in 2013 & 2014
  • Was the youngest Federal Liberal candidate in Ontario during the 2008 General Election on Hamilton Mountain
  • Former Federal Liberal Riding President from 2009 to 2014
  • Volunteer on Justin Trudeau’s Papineau Nomination campaign in 2007
  • Campaign Manager for several campaigns in the 2000’s
  • National Executive member of the Liberal Party of Canada & Young Liberals of Canada in the 2000’s.
  • Former National Director for the Young Liberals of Canada under Prime Minister Chrétien
  • Staff member at the Liberal Party of Canada National office
  • Staff member at Paul Martin’s Liberal Leadership campaign office
  • Former assistant to Hon. Ralph Goodale, Hon. Stan Keyes, and MP Maurizio Bevilacqua
  • Former LPC(O) and Ontario Liberal party area coordinator
  • Chair of several campaign colleges
  • Proud Ontario Young Liberal Senator
  • Volunteer on the Barack Obama campaign in Pennsylvania
  • Executive Member of the Ontario Young Liberals in the 1990’s
  • Active in every Federal & Provincial Election since 1993


Tyler is a fluently bilingual lawyer, with over 10 years experience, who practices law in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

Most importantly though, Tyler is happily married to his wife Zoé Banham and father to their 5 month old son, Jack Banham. The Banham family resides in Hamilton, Ontario along with their three black cats.